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Diving in Tenerife with PAMA DIVING

Dive Centre 

Our Dive centre in Playa San Juan is located directly in front of the beach and a park with a children's playground (Parque infantil). After our move in April 2021, we now have an even better location than before, as well as a great terrace with a view of the park and the sea.


The new base has everything a diver needs:


  • a reception room with a small shop, coffee machine, well-stocked fridge and a small library with fish identification books.

  • A room to store diving equipment during the holiday.

  • showers with hot water and toilets.

  • an area for our rental equipment. Everything is of high quality, regularly maintained and renewed.

  • a separate compressor room.

  • of course, the Dive centre also has all the necessary safety equipment, e.g. 100% oxygen kits and first aid kits.


For diving we use steel tanks in different sizes (10, 12 and 15 litres). We also provide special tanks with Nitrox upon prior request. For checking the oxygen content we have an analyser in the Dive centre.


Our boat with boarding ladder is located directly in the harbour of Playa San Juan in close proximity of the dive centre. As we dive in small groups, pre-booking is necessary. Night dives and shore dives on request.



The harbour and the beach of Playa San Juan

boot 3.png

Our dive boat takes us to the best dive sites of the west coast

Dive sites

The Atlantic offers water temperatures between 18-24°C  so diving is comfortable throughout the year. With depths from 10 to 40 metres we have dive sites that are appropriate for beginners but that will also fascinate experienced divers. The sites vary from lava rock formations to sandy areas full of life. Over 20 exciting dive sites with overhangs, steep walls and caves ensure a change for every dive. The diversity of the Atlantic ocean with its nudibranchs, cuttle fish, octopodes, moray eels, various types of fish schools and the large Atlantic stingrays make the dives a special experience. In the winter months, angel sharks and spotted torpedos (electric rays) are also present.

Some of our most famous dive sites are:

  1. Acuario

  2. La Tixera

  3. La Laja y Cueva de los Cerebros

  4. El Arco

  5. El Picacho

  6. Los Picachos

  7. Punta Blanca

riff 1.png

The diversity of the Atlantic is one of many attractions

Learn to dive on Tenerife

Would you like to try diving, to experience the feeling of weightlessness and to discover the fantastic underwater life? We also offer try dives in the sea. The Team of PAMA DIVING will be happy to advise you.

Would you like to take a dive course? Our dive instructors will train you in accordance with international accepted standards (PADI, VDST/CMAS). So you can be sure to get a high level education of very good quality. All courses are individual and possible the whole year and without minimum number.

Taucher 1.png

Learn to dive on Tenerife. A special experience. 

Prior to your first dive

You don't have to be a competitive athlete to take part in diving activities. However, it is important to be healthy and fit to enjoy diving safely and without restrictions.

Therefore every try diver has to fill out a medical questionnaire (self-disclosure). On this questionnaire you will be asked about health aspects, which could possibly have an influence on diving (e.g. cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases). If the questionnaire indicates health problems, we will ask you to consult a doctor before starting a diving activity. The doctor can tell you if diving is possible for you and will issue you with a corresponding certificate.

If you are already a certified diver, please bring the following documents with you to the dive centre on your first day of diving:

1. Brevet / Certificate (Card or digital format)

2. Proof of a valid diving insurance policy

3. Medical examination certificate / Medical questionnaire

If you do not have a diving insurance yet, you can take out a diving insurance directly at the dive centre for the duration of your holiday. It can be applied online in a few minutes and is valid immediately.

Click on the button to see the medical questionnaire. If it indicates health problems, it is necessary to consult a doctor prior to start diving activities.

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