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Diving in Tenerife with PAMA DIVING

The Team

Mari, Marí, Mary :-)

Dive Instructor with heart and soul

The Atlantic Ocean already has long been his favourite place to dive. "There is no nicer blue colour than the blue of the Atlantic Ocean." Teaching people how to dive comes naturally to him, he has a lot of patience, empathy and knowledge. Time after time he has inspired new divers to enjoy the exciting experience of the underwater world, with safety as top priority. 


Talent for languages

Mari is Divemaster, she speaks five languages and is responsible for the administration of the Dive Centre. She has always been fascinated by the underwater world, so it was no surprise that she also has been attracted to the sea. The warmth of the people, the underwater world of the Atlantic, the climate and the diversity of the island convinced her to choose Tenerife as her new home.


Alessandro (ale)

Our Divemaster

He knows these waters inside out and in addition to his experience as a captain he also has the necessary sense of responsibility and is absolutely reliable. After his training as a Divemaster we soon realised - Ale has to become part of our team.


Photo will follow

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